Furnished temporary living

Temporary Living represents flexible and time-limited accommodation in a new city. For over 25 years, this concept has provided tailored accommodation: formerly basic shared student residentials, now diverse living styles to suit individual expectations.

Furnished temporary living - modern, contemporary and individual

Temporary accommodation has been around for many years and is growing ever more popular. What is so special about this concept? Furnished rooms or fully furnished apartments are rented for a limited time. With Temporary living, you benefit from maximal flexibility. Temporary Living is suitable for private individuals, for example who are new to a city, but also for project-based workers on a temporary assignment at another location. We provide flexibility and help you save time and money with furnished Temporary Living. Explore our temporary properties in a number of German cities - right here and now:

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Temporary Living: What is Temporary Living?

Temporary Living is exactly what you probably imagined it to be: you rent an apartment for a limited period. If you don’t want to live permanently or put down roots in the city where you are looking for accommodation, renting a temporary apartment offers many advantages. In this situation, a traditional rental agreement, with an unlimited term, could prove to be the least flexible and most expensive option. You could go for an alternative option - renting a fancy hotel room for the duration of your stay. This just isn’t cost-effective, and you have to compromise on convenience.

Temporary Living is a relatively simple concept: The property owner provides a furnished apartment for a limited time. The rental can be agreed for a set period, or with the option of a flexible extension period. The tenant enjoys the benefits of living in a fully-furnished apartment for the exact period of time in which they need the accommodation. The apartment is kitted out with all furnishings required, such as a sofa, dining area and, of course, a bed. The interior design varies from apartment to apartment, so you can choose a temporary furnished flat that suits your taste. At the end of the agreed rental period, when it’s time to leave, you do just that. Without having to find a replacement tenant. To recap: here are the most important arguments in favor of Temporary Living:


Limited term rental contracts


furnished accommodation


Variable rental terms


available in many cities


Rent at short notice


Living as a tenant: 5 good reasons to choose Temporary Living

There are numerous advantages to renting a temporary flat. Here are the 5 most decisive ones:

Advantage 1: Flexible terms for rental contracts

In Germany, open-ended rental contracts with a three-month notice period are the norm.The long commitment to a house or apartment is no longer compatible with many modern lifestyles. People increasingly want - or need to - live and work independently of location. Temporary accommodation is the perfect solution to this lifestyle. With this concept, you use the temporary accommodation for a limited time only, without a long-term commitment or restrictive contracts.

Advantage 2: Quick and Easy Rental

When you rent a furnished apartment on a temporary basis, you can decide between different properties at very short notice. Not only that, the time-consuming and often unpleasant apartment viewings are no longer necessary - simply choose a furnished apartment from a wide selection of properties, provide us with the required documents and then you can sign the rental agreement. Finding and renting temporary housing is just as easy as booking a hotel room.

Advantage 3: Best location for your budget

An advantage of hotel rooms is that you can choose the best location, for example, close to your college, work or public transport. Our furnished temporary apartments are generally in ideal locations – whether right in the city center, close to the train station or other popular areas. Take a look at the map of the city where you are looking for a furnished apartment and choose the location that works best for you.

Advantage 4: Fully furnished to suit your style

You’d like to rent a temporary furnished apartment and take advantage of the luxury of high-quality features and fittings. That’s not a problem. You can view the available temporary properties and select one that suits your expectations when it comes to the character and substance of the building and the quality and style of the furnishings. Live temporarily in an apartment or in a house that fully reflects your taste.

Advantage 5: Minimize moving costs

Does your employer frequently send you to various locations across Germany? Does this sound familiar: you are based in Berlin for several months before moving to Cologne for a couple of weeks and then finally on to Stuttgart? You’d waste a lot of money if you always had to take your entire household with you for the short rental period. Our furnished temporary apartments are fully equipped, saving you the costs for the moving van – not to mention time and hassle.

  Temporary living
Flexible terms for rental contracts
Quick and simple arrangements
Best location at low cost
Furnishings to suit your needs
No moving costs

Table 1: 5 advantages of furnished Temporary living


Temporary Living: Is furnished accommodation right for you?

Temporary living is the right choice for a whole range of people:

  Furnished temporary rentals
Project staff
City Newcomers
During insurance events

Table 2: People who may find furnished accommodation beneficial


Project Staff

Anyone who regularly works on new projects throughout Germany, as a manager or team leader, is used to be being away from home. Temporary furnished apartments ensure that you always feel comfortable and provide a cosy home from home. After a stressful day at work in a strange town, it’s much nicer to relax in a comfortable and familiar environment as in an impersonal hotel room.



If you are employed as a tradesperson or subcontractor on a large construction project, you may not know in advance when the contract will end, or for how long the employment is scheduled to last. If you have to rent a new apartment or a hotel room for each move, you ’ll be left with a huge bill. In our temporary apartments, you may not want to move in alone. In certain circumstances, you may want to share a flat with one of yout team to save even more money.



It can be challenging to find a suitable apartment when you move to a new city as a student. It’s much easier if you can walk right into a temporary furnished apartment. You can concentrate on college from day one of the semester and use your free time to search for an apartment or flat–share without stress.


City Newcomers

Would you like to move permanently to a city such as Nuremberg, Aachen or Ulm? In this case, you probably dont ’t want to live in temporary accommodation long–term. For the initial period, however, this housing concept has proved to be advantageous. You can get to know your new city from the comfort of your furnished temporary apartment while you search for a suitable rental apartment. In no time, you’ll find the perfect new forever home.


During insurance events

You have a broken pipe in your house, your boiler broke down in the middle of winter – or perhaps other personal reasons make a temporary retreat from your own four walls advisable? In this case Temporary Living offers a short–term and highly flexible interim solution: Stay close to home and relax in comfortable surroundings.


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What are the different types of temporary living?

As Temporary Living is now firmly established as a modern and individual housing concept, there are now several variants. You can rent a simply furnished room, a comfortable furnished temporary apartment of even sign a rental contract for a furnished house for the entire family. Here are some possible options.

Temporary Furnished Room

Renting a temporary furnished room is the simplest and cheapest option for temporary living. If you are moving to Cologne, Augsburg, Leipzig or Erfurt, you can easily start your stay in a new city. What ’s the difference between a furnished room and a furnished one-room apartment (studio apartment)? A furnished room usually consists of one room, possibly equipped with a refrigerator or a small cooking facility. The bathroom is almost always shared with other residents of the property, as is the kitchen.


Rent a furnished apartment

A furnished apartment can be as individual as your personal home style. Furnished apartments can be rented as one, two, three or four rooms. The rental contract for the furnished apartment lays out how you can use the living space, and which obligations you have as a short–term tenant. You can chose your furnished apartment according to your own criteria, and use the property either alone or with your family. You set your requirements for renting a furnished apartment yourself– whether you want a balcony, fitted kitchen, shower room, a garage or private parking space.

Renting a temporary furnished house

Renting a temporary furnished house is especially recommended for families. Whether you are returning from abroad, expatriates, or moving to a new city – a furnished house offers space for the whole family. Decide for yourself which features are particularly important to you so that you, your partner and your children feel comfortable: Large children’s bedrooms, two bathrooms or an expansive living and dining area where the whole family can congregate. You and your kids can enjoy living in your new town right form the start. Depending on the selected facilities in the rented furnished house, a garden, including garden furniture and many other extras, may also be available. By the way: A furnished house for the whole family is not only worthwhile if you move to a new city. It’s also helpful, for example, if extensive renovation work is being done in your home. Treat yourself and your loved ones to rest and relaxation far from the construction zone– in your new temporary home.


Furnished temporary living: What should you look out for?

If you are interested in temporary living there are a couple of things to keep in mind. This is especially important for offers you don ’t receive through our service. You can trust the careful checks of proposals by the staff of our agencies. We show you what you should consider when renting a furnished apartment:




Rental Period


Facilities & Extras


Legal Framework


Rental contract


Costs for a furnished apartment

The costs of a furnished apartment or the amount of rent for temporary living must be reliably and transparently communicated. This means that you usually expect a fixed price. While electricity, heating and water are billed separately in traditional leases, this is not the case for Temporary Living. After all, the changing tenants each incur different consumption costs. It is therefore essential for you as temporary tenant that not only the rentals costs but also the additional costs are agreed in advance.

Rental period for temporary living

Those who opt for temporary living primarily want to benefit from flexible contract terms and shorter notice periods. That ’s why you should pay close attention to the respective contract terms when you choose between various offers. The minimum rental period is not the same for all furnished properties: While some apartments can be rented for a month, others have a minimum rental period of three months.

Facilities and Extras of the furnished apartment

Do you need a fast and reliable internet connection in your temporary apartment? Would you like to relax on a balcony or in a garden when in your temporary accommodation? Be sure to take a good look at the various facilities of the temporary apartment. The properties in our portfolio are all checked by our experienced staff so that you can 100% rely on the descriptions in the advertisements.


Paying a deposit

When you rent properties these days, you generally have to pay a deposit. The same ist true for temporary living. The deposit serves as security for the property owner as a reserve in the event that the tenant causes damage during the rental period. The deposit usually depends on the total monthly rent and is paid before or at the start of the rental.

Rental contract for temporary living

The parties involved must normally sign a rental agreement for the temporary accommodation. This differs in some respects from a standard rental contract. To ensure that all legal requirements are met, we offer property owners the use of a verified sample rental agreement. We prepare this individually for signature.


These details should be in a lease for temporary living:

  • The rental and additional costs
  • Duration of the tenancy
  • Inventory list of fittings (if required)
  • Deposit costs (if required)
  • Basic rules e.g. regarding pets, smoking, etc.(as needed)

Temporary Living with HC24 – All advantages at a glance

If you are looking for a furnished temporary apartment, we provide a wide range of benefits, plus the security and service you need. You will find a wide range of temporary furnished apartments in many German cities. You can also rely on the best rates as well as proven and reliable terms and conditions.


HC24 offers you everything you need for Temporary Living:

  • Large selection of furnished properties
  • Furnished temporary living in many German cities
  • Competent service team
  • Inspected properties with “real” photos
  • Legally secure rental contracts with maximum protection
  • A contact person available at all times

As a tenant of a furnished apartment, HC24 offers you maximum protection and the experience of many years in the real estate market. We personally check all furnished apartments for you and take the photos you see in the advertisements. You don’ t have to worry about incorrect information or misleading rental offers. We only include certified apartments in our portfolio and thanks to individually drawn–up rental contracts you don’ t have to worry about signing from a legal point of view. Our experienced employees also ensure that assistance is always available for questions or problems relating to a furnished apartment. You can enjoy Temporary Living to a maximum. Do you have any questions? Contact us.


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