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The historical old town of Stralsund, situated on the Strelasund, is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List. With unique cultural and natural monuments, it perfectly represents the typical development of the Hanseatic city during the golden age of the association of north German cities.

Stralsund’s medieval layout with its street, quarter and parcel structure has been preserved to this day. It witnessed the development of the characteristic building types and the Gothic brick construction technique, as can be seen today in the three famous churches – St. Mary’ s Church, St. Nicholas’ Church and St James’ Church – Stralsund Town Hall and a range of different buildings used by skilled crafts and trades. They are testament to the tradition of extraordinary wealth in the Hanseatic City of Stralsund.

Historical and cultural events that give you a flavour of the history of this illustrious city include the ’Wallensteintage’ festival, ’Open Monument Night’ and the ’Sundische Tage’.

Stralsund Zoo is the destination for an outing for the whole family. Bisons and Arctic wolves from North America, Asian lions and European brown bears, all living in near-natural enclosures, can be observed up-close here.

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