Specially designed to accommodate the ever–increasing demand for temporary furnished living quarters time, our portal HC24 offers companies and private customers a wide range of furnished living rooms. Whether room for sublease in shared flats, apartments, furnished apartments or houses–the selection ranges from simple functional features to a cozy and family–friendly design to the extravagant design object.

  • Groundbreaking 1989

    The foundation for this particular form of Rental accommodation laid portal operator Michaela Loschky, 1989, when she started her own business with the first ’Mitwohnzentrale’ in Würzburg. In 1990, she was able to inspire for the accommodation and the landlord’s and tenant’s in Nuremberg. They conquered bit by bit the exciting market for this flexible form of housing.

  • Mitwohnen then – today

    The shape of the ’Mitwohnen’ has changed significantly over the years. Formerly the nice secluded Mr. attended the nice older lady to sublet in friendly furnished rooms. Then came the time of the WG ’s, alternative living communities that were predominantly used by students to escape at affordable rents the stuffy parents’ house until you built his own home. In recent years, both the clients and the housing offered has changed. Increasing labor mobility but also changes in personal life planning, renovations in the home or the return of a long stay abroad are now part of everyday life.

  • Owner then – today

    The landlords are now different: On the one hand, the community idea through the social web is now quite normal. On the other hand households are partly built specifically for rent on time. These are both large apartment houses whose units furnished short on time – or long –term leases and furnished condos that you want to use even later. Accommodation provides the basis of solvent tenants, flexible planning and optimum returns for many landlords, whether small or large investors, a lucrative rental alternative. Therefore, for many years, most of the landlord’s are working with the HC24 agencies. And the proportion of longstanding customers is growing every day the quality confirmation of successful work.

  • Cooperation with heart

    And Michaela Loschky? She has now established with her passion for temporary living in eight agencies and works as a successful networker with six other HC24 agencies together in Germany. It is her and her 70 employees at heart and very important that it is a smooth transaction for the customer and landlord. After all, both sides should feel comfortable.

  • Housing from 15 German metropolitan areas

    15 agencies that are organized in the HC24 network supplying our database daily with current furnished accommodations from various metropolitan areas in Germany. Proven quality properties with comfort factor in any scale drawing from our extensive range.