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Small is beautiful – Erfurt, the state capital of Thuringia, is one of the smallest state capitals, but also one of the loveliest. The historic city centre largely survived the World Wars unscathed. As such, Erfurt attracts visitors with a romantic old town, many imposing churches and wonderful patrician houses.

Take a stroll around the old town and discover idyllic little squares. On the ’’Krämerbrücke’’ (Merchants’ Bridge), one of Erfurt’ landmarks, you can relax and enjoy delicacies from the chocolatier, try Thuringian specialities or visit the exhibitions in the houses on the Merchants’ Bridge. There used to be 62 narrow houses on the 120-metre-long bridge, but these were later joined together to form 32 houses.

Also worth seeing are, of course, the exhibitions in the city ’s museums, such as the Municipal Museum or the Old Synagogue with its Erfurt Treasure. The synagogue with the nearby mikva, a Jewish ritual bath, is one of the very few preserved medieval synagogues.

Erfurt not only has an attractive past, but is also an up-and-coming key regional city with population growth. The population is set to grow slowly but steadily to 210,250 people by 2035. Many Erfurt residents commute daily to the ’Erfurter Kreuz’ commercial zone, where a number of industrial companies are based. The federal government and the German railway have been investing in the area for years, because Erfurt is set to become a city for the ICE trains: the high-speed lines from Berlin to Nuremberg, Munich to Dresden and Leipzig to Frankfurt are being upgraded.

At HC24 Erfurt, we have been active in the area of temporary accommodation since 1992. Our office has been located directly on Domplatz in Erfurt since 2002. We offer you fully furnished properties in the beautiful state capital, throughout Thuringia and in the ’ neighbouring’ regions around Fulda, Bad Hersfeld, Kassel and Göttingen. Whether officers in the German Army, professors at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, managers at Carl Zeiss in Jena, archaeologists and restorers working on Friedenstein Fortress in Gotha, employees from Opel in Eisenach or engineers from Bosch/Solarworld in Arnstadt – we can find the right accommodation at the right time for everybody.

With our flexible accommodation solutions you will have no moving-related stress and no unnecessary costs – you simply turn up and move in.

We offer attractive services for landlords who wish to let their property furnished.

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