Temporary living

Temporary stands for flexible and temporary living in another city. For more than 25 years this housing strategy provides on – demand solutions: Early simple WG – rooms for student today has various forms of living with a modern twist.

No matter what life has in store for you, whether professional use in a foreign city or renovation work in their own home, with accommodation can be found away from the dreary hotel room charm a type of living that gives your business or pleasure independence: With fast retraction, short notice periods and comfortable amenities of the apartments.


  1. Modern housing form for flexible claims
  2. Our small residential Story
  3. Is short – term living interesting for me?
  4. What gives me a furnished apartment?

Modern housing form for flexible claims

New job application for several months in a new city, the new building will not be ready in time, one’s own home is being renovated, additional training is required. This requires mobility, flexibility and resilience – features that can be found today in almost every job ad. And these ’benefits’ we must deliver every day – whether in the study, in the new project or the urgent training in another city. Then, a housing, which is in addition to all of these challenges and to lift yet, ever cost you the ’last nerve’ .The form of ’housing’ not only preserves your nerves, but also your wallet.

A temporary residence, tastefully furnished and fully equipped can be a comfortable and stress – free solution in all these situations. To see already from the first day an ideal recreation and retreat and can devote themselves to the new challenges in peace.

Our small residential Story

Accommodation has been around very long. With small index cards, on which prospective and owner were recognized with the corresponding information, rather simply furnished rooms and furnished mostly students as tenants began more than 25 years ago. At that time, the concept was called ’Mitwohnen’ and the small office, preferably in large cities, is ’Mitwohnzentralen’ called.

Broad customer encounters colorful living concepts

And today? Meanwhile, the customers and prospects who choose furnished living concepts as diverse as life itself.

Customer Group
Individuals45 %
Companies36 %
Self-employed12 %

The demands of working life have changed radically, permanent employment contracts are a rarity, stable performance pressure in the workplace requires commitment and adaptability. Even in the form in which we live.

Reasons for temporary accommodation
Professional reasons70 %
Private reasons (separation/restoration, among others)12 %

Temporary home for personal reasons

Even private may be various reasons for the use of the type of housing accommodation. Sometimes you quickly need a temporary retreat to a spatial distance to create and to find new.

Sized refrigerator instead Minibar

You have spent several years abroad, now return back to Germany and want to look calmly and without pressure for a suitable apartment for long – term rental? The hotel stay in an often empty and sterile rooms acts on duration rather unattractive. In the morning you will be woken up by the vacuum cleaner noise from the next room, the refrigerator size allows no other content than the minibar and visit received is possible, but with limitations connectedness no suitable retreat, not the desired privacy and the immense costs to mention.

Living with flair rather then a dreary hotel room

Instead of ’edema Hotel Room Charm’ offers a furnished apartment on time or all ready furnished 2 – bedroom apartment with flexible notice (4 to 8 weeks prior to extract) the ideal form of housing, moreover, comfortable and nicely appointed.

Of course you can also find along with your family, having a child or equal to several and maybe even some furniture that you wish to bring necessarily in their HC24 furnished house - in 16 HC24 agencies locally and always with a personal, competent partner.

Is short – term living interesting for me?

Project work – now it needs to quickly go – even while living

Your employer has informed during the morning meeting about the fact that you are to take over the management of a project in southern Germany after next week. Now it has to be fast. About HC24 you or your boss can book quickly and on low cost a tastefully, furnished apartment, that your rental adapts flexibly.

Apartment fire or water damage – what to do with the family?

A house fire or water damage, the still lightly expired, but makes your home uninhabitable for several weeks, requires temporary stay in another hotel. The hotel for the whole family is definitely too expensive and does not offer the desired comfort. How about a furnished house with garden and the collection is tomorrow possible?

Stress in a Relationship – Accommodation to the rescue

For weeks only disputes and stress in the relationship? The common apartment offers you a retreat and to get live each day to nowhere. Just take a break! Maybe all it takes is a furnished apartment, cost – effective and not far away from your employer. And maybe it will work to the small living – out again with the relationship.

There are many reasons why a furnished apartment on time may be interesting for you!

What gives me a furnished apartment?

A furnished apartment that you rent through HC24 is fully equipped. You will find not only the furnishings before, like kitchen utensils, dishes and pots, fully furnished living room and bedroom furniture, bed sheets and towels, technical devices such as TV, radio, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. but also Dekoration – Items such as pictures, books and vases. A basic selection of cleaning products, mop, trashbags etc. all is usually available in the furnished living spaces. Just think of it as a holiday home you have rented before. Everything is in place so that you can move directly.

Find an exemplary inventory list: pattern inventory apartment.

Furnished living and ’ surfing ’

In many furnished apartments you are now finding an internet connection with w–lan, whose use is controlled by a corresponding AGREEMENT with your landlord. The appropriate forms we consider tenant and landlord willing. If no Internet connection should be present, we`re here to help, to find a suitable provider for your rental period.

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