Temporary furnished living in Ulm

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Temporary living in Ulm: rent a furnished apartment in Ulm

Temporary living in Ulm offers an innovative living concept that is particularly suitable for people with a high degree of professional mobility. This is because the core element of temporary living in Ulm is fixed-term rental contracts that are concluded from the outset for a precisely defined period. If you know from the outset that you are only looking for an apartment in Ulm for a limited period of time, you can save costs, energy and time with the furnished rental concept. And if you opt for temporary living in Ulm with HC24, you will also benefit from many other advantages: More security, transparency and service - see for yourself right now.

Short-term rental in Ulm: How does temporary living in Ulm work?

If you want to rent an apartment in Ulm, you usually go to the traditional housing market. After discussions with estate agents, property managers or the landlord, a permanent tenancy agreement with a notice period of several months is concluded if the agreement is successful. Increasingly, a minimum rental period is even being specified. The concept of temporary living in Ulm and other German cities differs significantly: although both parties sign a legally binding tenancy agreement, it is limited in time. The start and end dates of the tenancy are precisely defined. In addition, the rental apartments in Ulm at HC24 are always handed over fully furnished.

Better than a temporary rental in Ulm: What are the advantages of short-term rental in Ulm?

The principle of short-term rentals in Ulm is becoming increasingly popular across the board. Nowadays, many employees and self-employed people rely primarily on flexibility and mobility in their day-to-day work. But those who actually live in Cologne or Hamburg and are only temporarily stationed in Ulm do not necessarily want to be tied down to a second expensive apartment with open-ended rental contracts. Temporary living in Ulm offers a clear advantage: the apartments are rented for a fixed term and there is no notice period. This saves additional costs, a lot of time for drafting termination letters and nerves when looking for a new tenant.

Whether you are looking for a 1-room apartment in Ulm or want to move into a 3-room apartment in Ulm - all the properties you discover on HC24 are fully furnished. This means you don't have to transport heavy boxes and bulky pieces of furniture on the day you move in: Simply put your personal belongings in the existing cupboards and immediately feel at home - very different from a hotel, guesthouse or mechanic's apartment. Last but not least: The apartments in Ulm that you can rent through Wohnen auf Zeit are located throughout the city. This gives you the feeling of being at home in the city from day one. Or you can opt for a rental apartment just outside Ulm and enjoy the tranquillity and idyll of country life.

The advantages of temporary living in Ulm:

  • Constantly growing number of reputable offers
  • Flexible short-term rental with a fixed start/end date
  • contractually secured monthly fixed costs
  • Legally secured rental agreement directly with the landlord
  • complete furnishing with comfortable equipment
  • different locations in and around Ulm
  • Apartments available in many sizes
  • many extras and services thanks to HC24

Temporary apartment in Ulm: Who are furnished apartments in Ulm suitable for?

The number of mobile workers in Germany has been high for years. And the increasing shortage of skilled workers, which is also leading to the recruitment of skilled workers from abroad, may bring even more momentum to this development in the future. However, many of those affected can benefit from temporary living in Ulm.

Fitters, temporary workers and expats

Whether fitters, temporary workers, project staff or expats - many skilled workers from Germany and abroad regularly change their place of work. It is often difficult or even impossible for them to rent a suitable apartment in Ulm via the traditional housing market. This is because most landlords automatically wave them off when they hear that a 1-room apartment or a furnished apartment in Ulm is only to be rented for a few months. Temporary living in Ulm can offer an alternative here.

Students and trainees

The search for student accommodation in Ulm has also been difficult for some years now. There are fewer and fewer student apartments available in Ulm and fewer and fewer landlords want to rent to students or trainees. This is where temporary furnished accommodation in Ulm offers an alternative: in temporary rented apartments, those affected can quickly feel at home and look for permanent accommodation in peace.

Residents during family changes, renovations and co.

Sometimes people who already own a house or apartment in Ulm are forced to leave it for a short or limited period of time. For example, in the case of renovation measures, after an insurance claim or in the event of family changes. Here too, temporary living can be a convenient solution.

1-room apartment in Ulm: Which furnished apartments does Ulm offer?

The real estate landscape in Ulm is diverse - from charming old buildings and modern new-build houses to extravagant lofts and luxury apartments. You can also choose between different types of rental apartments for temporary living in Ulm. This also applies to the size of the apartments: 1-room apartments are just as available in Ulm as spacious 4-room apartments. Do you need even more space? Then you can also opt for a furnished house in Ulm. Here you can even have your own small garden.

Important: The number of rooms and living space can be found in the descriptions of the properties on HC24, as can the maximum number of people for whom an apartment in Ulm can be rented. Landlords also specify exactly whether pets are allowed in the rented apartment. This information is binding and should be taken into account before signing a contract for temporary accommodation in Ulm.

Rent a furnished apartment in Ulm: What facilities do the apartments have?

When you rent an apartment in Ulm through HC24, you are opting for a fully furnished property. This means that all the essential elements needed for comfortable furnishings are included. Shelves, wardrobes, beds, sofas and, of course, a fitted kitchen are available to you as a tenant. In some cases, even a washing machine and dryer are available or accessible. Please refer to the property description for detailed information on the fixtures and fittings. There you will also find many of the photos we have taken or verified, which reflect the style of the furnishings.

Temporary living in Ulm: How much does a furnished apartment in Ulm cost?

Furnished accommodation in Ulm is generally cheaper than accommodation in a hotel or guesthouse. The exact costs can be found in the property description. The costs are binding and fixed. The same applies to additional costs. These are either already included in the rental price or are charged as a predetermined flat rate. If this is the case, you will find details of this and any other costs in the property description.

For companies: Rent furnished temporary apartments in Ulm

Companies can also benefit from the concept of temporary living in Ulm. Would you like to offer your employees something special and stand out from the competition when looking for skilled workers? With a furnished apartment in Ulm, you can make it easier for your employees to settle into their new home and your company. Take a look at our reference companies and contact us directly for special conditions for companies.

Offer temporary accommodation in Ulm: Become a landlord with HC24

Would you like to rent out a furnished room or apartment in Ulm and benefit from good occupancy rates? Then you should become a landlord with HC24. Not only do we offer our landlords a simple, secure and clearly structured process, we also offer many advantages and extra services. Contact us right away.

Welcome to Ulm: Temporary living with HC24

At HC24, we want to make temporary living in Ulm possible for you - with maximum security and transparency. That's why our trained team inspects each property in detail on site before we include it in our offer. The photos of the rental apartments in Ulm are also verified. Of course, secure rental contracts and lots of extra service are also standard with us. Simply contact us for more information or start a search request.