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From the Fugger Family to the imperial Renaissance city

Augsburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany and the third largest city in Bavaria after Munich and Nuremberg. Immerse yourself in history and a sense of belonging — get to know and love Augsburg.

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There are 1,937 streets in Augsburg, and one of them could soon become your new temporary address. More than 96 percent of residents enjoy living in Augsburg and almost as many love the local recreational opportunities. Did you know that a quarter of Augsburg's urban area is protected as a nature reserve? According to estimates, up to 80,000 trees grow in the city's parks and green spaces. Augsburg even has one more public holiday than the rest of Germany, because on 8 August the "Hohes Friedensfest" is celebrated here, which dates back to the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. With 530 bridges, Augsburg tops the number of bridges in Venice — no wonder, since Augsburg is situated on three rivers, the Lech, Wertach and Singold.

Everything nice and handy

Augsburg is like a village,

because the city centre and all the important corners are close together, within easy walking distance. A meeting in a café, a stroll around the shops, a visit to the cinema or a club — practically everything can be done without a car. Augsburg is also a highly dynamic Unesco World Heritage City. This Swabian metropolis in Bavaria has strong economic and educational sectors. Numerous companies are attracted to Augsburg thanks to the university, university hospital, colleges, research institutes, science centres and commercial areas. The Augsburg Innovation Park aims to create even closer networks for science and business to promote the development of complex innovations.

“The people of Augsburg show how cosmopolitanism can work. When you make friends here, they are friends for life.”

You may already be familiar with the Augsburger Puppenkiste. But the city has much more to offer than its famous puppet theatre. Augsburg has long been the insider tip for Bavarians looking for a well-connected creative scene. Whether it’s street art or a techno party, the city always has exciting surprises in store.

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Refuge and safe haven

“I love the mixture of Lech canals and narrow alleys. Away from the mainstream, there are lots of wonderful shops and bookshops. Augsburg is a refuge and a safe haven for me.”

Augsburg's very special places include the Fuggerei, one of the oldest surviving social housing developments in the world. The settlement was founded by the merchant Jakob Fugger as early as 1521. Today, 150 disadvantaged people live in the 67 houses. The flats are around 60 metres square, and the houses are surrounded by gardens. The rent is still one Rhenish guilder, which is equivalent to 0.88 euros. Non-residents pay for admission to visit the Fuggerei, and this money is then used to maintain the housing complex.

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