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The city at the foot of the Kaiserburg

Look forward to a new home in the Nuremberg metropolitan region, which offers all sorts of fascinating famous monuments and museums as well as a varied landscape and relaxing leisure activities.

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Flats in Nuremberg

If you like half-timbered houses

you'll love Weißgerbergasse in Nuremberg, a picturesque ensemble of buildings with old half-timbered homes. The city's most important square is the Hauptmarkt in the centre of Nuremberg. The market stalls here are open from Monday to Saturday, with around 40 traders offering fresh produce. In addition to fruit and vegetables, you will find flowers, delicatessen products, honey and many other delicious treats from the region and beyond. The magical “Schöne Brunnen” (Beautiful Fountain) on the main market square has two wishing rings on its iron grids: you turn the ring to make a wish.

“The castle gardens in the Kaiserburg are not so easy to find — taking a break here in summer among the roses is amazing.”

One of the most beautiful bridges over the Pegnitz is the Museum Bridge, which takes you to Insel Schütt, the largest river island. In the middle of the city centre, there is the Nuremberg city beach: a popular meeting place in summer and ideal for a short walk in the winter months.

Handwerkerhof and the New Museum

The Handwerkerhof alongside the railway station is like a city within a city, where various small shops such as glassblowers or goldsmiths offer their products. Franconian restaurants are another key feature, and of course you can get Nuremberg sausages here too.

“Nuremberg is a major city, but the distances are short. The city is friendly and manageable.”

Roughly 25,000 students are enrolled in Nuremberg, studying science, technology, business, media, social affairs and liberal arts. The Nuremberg region is one of Europe’s most dynamic high-tech centres and is developing into an innovation region for pioneering technologies.

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