Temporary furnished living in Nuremberg

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Temporary living in Nuremberg: Rent a furnished apartment in Nuremberg

Temporary living in Nuremberg offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative to a traditional tenancy. Instead of an open-ended tenancy agreement, with temporary accommodation in Nuremberg you conclude a fixed-term tenancy agreement - the start and end points of the tenancy are therefore defined from the outset. Temporary living in Nuremberg therefore offers a number of advantages, especially for mobile employees, but can also be worthwhile for many other groups of people. If you opt for a furnished apartment in Nuremberg with HC24, you will also benefit from maximum security, transparency and many extras. Check which apartments you can rent in Nuremberg right now.

Short-term rental in Nuremberg: How does temporary living in Nuremberg work?

The typical tenancy in Germany is characterized by two things: an open-ended tenancy agreement and a notice period of several months. What actually serves to protect tenants and landlords proves to be a hindrance for people who only want to move into an apartment for a limited period of time from the outset. Temporary living in Nuremberg therefore offers an alternative: with short-term rental in Nuremberg, a temporary rental agreement is concluded from the outset. There is also no notice period for the tenant. The monthly rent (including ancillary costs and any extras) is clearly defined. At the end of the tenancy agreement, the tenant moves out and the apartment can be re-let.

Better than an interim rental in Nuremberg: What are the advantages of a short-term rental in Nuremberg?

In contrast to a conventional intermediate tenancy, you conclude a direct tenancy agreement with the landlord when you rent a temporary apartment in Nuremberg. This saves you the detour and uncertainties of a subletting agreement. You also don't have to worry about rent increases during the current contract, as the costs are fixed and transparently agreed when the tenancy agreement is concluded. The minimum rental period varies from apartment to apartment, but is usually a few weeks or months. This makes short-term rental in Nuremberg ideal for anyone who has to move frequently or has not yet been able to find a permanent home.

Another advantage of temporary living in Nuremberg: Whether it's a 1- or 2-room apartment in Nuremberg - the properties we offer are all fully furnished and stylishly decorated. As a tenant, you can enjoy all the amenities and feel at home from day one - without the hassle of moving house. This makes furnished apartments in Nuremberg much more comfortable and personal than hotel or guesthouse rooms. And the location is usually better too: urban, central or just outside - with the apartments you can rent from us in Nuremberg, you will find the right offer in every part of the city.

The advantages of temporary living in Nuremberg:

  • constantly growing selection of reputable offers
  • Flexible short-term rental with a fixed start/end point
  • fixed monthly costs with maximum transparency
  • legally secure conclusion of a rental agreement directly with the landlord
  • Comfortable equipment and complete furnishing
  • central locations in Nuremberg
  • 1- or 2-room apartments and other sizes
  • Many extras and services

Temporary apartments in Nuremberg: Who are furnished apartments in Nuremberg suitable for?

In 2007, around 38% of the working population was at least occasionally mobile. The trend is rising. Due to global economic interdependencies, a shortage of skilled workers and other developments, mobility and flexibility are in demand among the workforce. The many positive aspects of mobile employment are often offset by a negative aspect: The housing situation is often not ideal for professionally mobile people.

Mobile employees and expats

There are hardly any offers on the traditional real estate market; hotels and guest rooms are becoming unaffordable in the long run. Temporary living in Nuremberg with HC24 is therefore ideal for mobile workers in particular. Whether you are a temporary worker, fitter, agency worker, project employee, seasonal worker or expat - if you are looking for a rental apartment in Nuremberg for a limited period due to your professional activity, temporary living with HC24 is just right for you.

Students, lecturers and trainees

But it's not just people who are only employed in Nuremberg for a short time who benefit from short-term rentals in the city. Students who have just moved to the city, exchange students, guest lecturers or trainees can also use the fully furnished apartments in Nuremberg to settle in and get their bearings in the new city.

Locals in the event of an insurance claim, home renovation or family changes

Last but not least: In some situations, it can also be interesting for Nuremberg residents to rent a furnished 2-room apartment in Nuremberg for a short time, for example. For example, because the family situation changes, renovation work is due in the home or an insurance claim requires temporary accommodation outside the home. In these and many other cases, the use of modern apartments for short-term rental in Nuremberg is ideal.

2-room apartment in Nuremberg: Which furnished apartments does Nuremberg offer?

There's no question about it: all types of apartments are in high demand for rent in Nuremberg. After all, there is a highly competitive real estate market in the city - anyone who discovers an interesting advertisement must expect the apartment to be snapped up quickly. With temporary living in Nuremberg, we offer a much more relaxed alternative - and with a large selection: All furnished apartments that you discover with us are actually available at the specified time. This applies to 1- and 2-room apartments as well as furnished houses, penthouse apartments and maisonettes.

Important: Whether it's a 2-room apartment in Nuremberg, a chic apartment in an old building in Nuremberg or a detached house with four rooms and a garage - a look at the respective property description not only provides all the facts and figures about energy consumption, size and furnishings, but also reveals how many people the property is suitable for. You can also find out whether pets are allowed in the furnished apartment in Nuremberg and how much the monthly costs will be.

Rent a furnished apartment in Nuremberg: What facilities do the apartments have?

Every apartment in Nuremberg that you can rent from us is fully furnished. All you have to do when renting a temporary apartment in Nuremberg is bring your personal belongings and you can feel right at home. The photos of the property show you exactly what the furnishings look like. These have all been checked and verified by us or taken by our team on site. You will also find information on the furnishings in the descriptions - from sofa and bed to TV, WiFi, garage and balcony (any extra costs are indicated).

Temporary living in Nuremberg: How much does a furnished apartment in Nuremberg cost?

The cost of a furnished 2-room apartment in Nuremberg or a furnished house in Nuremberg depends on various factors and is determined by the landlord. They are usually significantly lower than the monthly amount that would be charged in a hotel or guesthouse. In addition, the rental price usually includes additional costs and extras (e.g. TV, WiFi, etc.). Take a look at the exact property description. It describes in detail which services are included in the rent and whether extra costs are to be expected.

For companies: Rent temporary furnished apartments in Nuremberg

Companies benefit from temporary living in Nuremberg in several ways: you can make it easier for your specialists to get started in their new home or stay in the city. This benefit brings plus points when recruiting new employees. At the same time, you can often benefit from optimized conditions for temporary living. Take a look at our reference companies and contact us without obligation.

Offer temporary accommodation in Nuremberg: Become a landlord with HC24

Becoming a landlord with us couldn't be easier: Fill out our forms directly and we will contact you regarding the next steps. Or you can call us personally and we will clarify all the details. The advantage for you: With temporary living, you benefit from binding guidelines, secure contracts, a low probability of vacancies, attractive rental income and many practical services that we guarantee you.

Welcome to Nuremberg: Temporary living with HC24

Temporary living in Nuremberg is becoming increasingly popular. The range of attractive apartments for rent in Nuremberg is growing accordingly - fully furnished, at transparent costs and legally secure thanks to fair rental contracts. Have you already found a property? Then contact us immediately - as long as the apartment is available for short-term rental in Nuremberg. Or start a search request and we will match you with your dream apartment in Nuremberg.