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70176 Stuttgart

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Felicitas Nagel

Branch Management (on parental leave)

Katharina Bühler

Depury Branch Management (on parental leave)

Melanie Müller

Customer service landlord

Manuela Schempp

Customer service landlord

Carmen Fischer

Customer service landlord

Sabrina Müller

Customer service tenant

Melanie Schröder

Customer service tenant

Henriette Ludwig

Cutomer service tenant

Jessica Montesano

Customer service tenant

Samira Meyer

Customer Service tenant

Christa Könning

Team assistent

Britta Klein

Team assistent

Trixi Beck

Customer service tenant

Therese Thumm

Customer Service tenant

Sabrina Delle Fontane

Customer service tenant

Sabrina Batschauer

Team assistent

Milena Schenk

Team assistent

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