GTC tenants HC24 Weil am Rhein

current status: Januar 2020

Search request
Upon receiving a search request, HC24 Weil am Rhein (hereinafter known as HC24) will endeavour to find suitable offers of furnished accommodation on a temporary basis for the party seeking accommodation (hereinafter known as the tenant), organise viewings and, after the tenant has selected suitable accommodation, provide guidance until a rental agreement has been successfully concluded. There is no obligation on the part of HC24 to present the tenant with offers of accommodation.
The services of HC24 are essentially free of charge for the tenant.
The tenant gives an undertaking that all personal details provided in the search request have been truthfully declared.
HC24 gives an undertaking to treat all the tenant’s personal details in the strictest of confidence. Details will only be passed onto potential future landlords to the extent required to arrange a rental agreement.
Despite every care taken, HC24 assumes no liability in relation to the following:

  • The accuracy and completeness of the accommodation details
  • The condition of the accommodation. Any discrepancies in the description or condition of the accommodation, particularly in relation to the completeness and quality of the furniture, must be reported directly to HC24
  • Furthermore, no guarantee can be given that a rental agreement will be successfully concluded.

rental agreement
HC24 will draw up a rental agreement upon the mutual request of the tenant and landlord. HC24 assumes no liability for the accuracy of the content or the validity of the agreement.
HC24 is not a contractual partner in the rental agreement and accordingly assumes no liability for any claims or disputes arising from the rental agreement.

Duty to supply information
In the event that a rental agreement is concluded between the tenant and landlord for accommodation offered by HC24 without the active involvement of HC24, the tenant is bound to inform HC24 of the conclusion of the rental agreement and the relevant details without delay (within 24 hours) and let HC24 have a copy of the contract upon request.
HC24 must be informed immediately – and no later than six weeks before the initial rental period ends – of any intention or option to extend the tenancy. Failure to observe this period of time may lead to claims for damages on the part of the landlord.
If the tenant is aware of any HC24 accommodation from elsewhere, they undertake to immediately inform HC24 and name the source.

Passing on accommodation detail
The tenant undertakes to treat all information, particularly contact details relating to the accommodation and landlord, in confidence. Passing on such information to third parties is not permitted without the express consent of HC24.

Terminating the search request
By terminating the search request, the tenant declares that the offers received led to no accommodation being secured and that the tenant – or also other individuals informed about the offers by the tenant – will in future make no further use of the addresses provided.

No claims for damages may be asserted against HC24, unless due to wilful, grossly negligent or – in the event of death or bodily injury – negligent behaviour or absolute liability. The statute of limitations for asserting claims for damages is one year. The start date for the statute of limitations is determined by statutory regulations.

Applicable law, place of jurisdiction and severability clause
The law in the Federal Republic of Germany applies to the mandate of the party seeking accommodation. Insofar as the tenant is a businessperson or corporate body under public law or special fund under public law or is resident outside Germany, the sole place of jurisdiction is Weil am Rhein.
If one of the aforementioned provisions is (or becomes) completely or partially unenforceable, the validity of the remaining section of the provision or the rest of the provisions shall remain unaffected. In such a case, the tenant and HC24 undertake to replace the unenforceable provision with one that comes closest to fulfilling the originally intended purpose and does not run contrary to the rental agreement.

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